The sascomm and the sascomm view have been for safe and clear audio communications between mine rescue team captain and workers in a rescue shelter.

The sasscomm units can also serve as a back up communication system with surface when used with the rescomm.

Power for the strobe, buzzer and monitor for the SASCOMM  is provided by a power supply with a battery back up.

  • One unit outside the shelter
  • One unit inside the shelter
  • Allows communication between individuals in the shelter and mine rescue team
  • Allows communication with the director of rescue operations
  • Warning strobe to indicate individuals inside the shelter

Options :

  • Connection for a telephone line
  • Connection inside the airlock

Complete Sasscomm comes with :

  • External unit with strobe
  • Internal unit
  • Cable (50’)

You just need to hook up you 120VAC cable.

Sas comm explained in refuge shelter