Proximity Detection PDF

The Zetec proximity detection system helps train personnel to stay clear of danger zones around mobile equipment. The system detects workers in low visibility or obscured operator line-of-sight locations. The system is designed for use on equipment such as mobile haulage and continuous miners.

New Zetec proximity detection technology allows customized and dynamic 'warning zones' and 'shutdown zones' around mobile equipment. The 'Warning Zone', using highly-visible flashing lights on the equipment as well as audible & visible alerting on a personal device, warns workers that they are nearing a potentially dangerous area. The 'Shutdown Zone' is closest to the equipment and causes immediate shut down when a worker enters this area. Zones can be customized to specific equipment shapes and applications. Advanced technology reduces nuisance warnings and shutdowns.

The Zetec System is durable, simple to operate and easy to maintain. Personal locators worn by support workers are compact (cell-phone sized), robust, simple to use and easy to maintain.


  • Bubble protection 
  • Each tag ( cap lamp ) transmits a signal.
  • The receiver unit installed on the moving equipment is listening and receives & warns the vehicle operator in the zone.
  • Responsibility remains with the operator