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We are zetec

Mine rescue has always been in the forefront of Zetec’s activities since it’s humble beginnings. With the cooperation of some of the world’s most respected and reputable rescue organizations, we are proud to have developed specialized mine rescue products. All this to maximize the safety and efforts of mine rescue teams in emergency response situations.

Safety issues have always been associated with heavy costs, technical difficulties and loss of productivity in industrial operations, but not anymore.

Zetec makes work in hazardous situations and harsh environment safer, more efficient but above all, easier. Whether it is workers excavating an underground mine or mechanics using high voltage equipment, there’s always a simple way to improve work conditions. That’s what Zetec can do... through technology.

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For more than 25 years, Zetec developed tailored solutions to ensure safety and productivity in challenging environments .

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Underground WIFI technology

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