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For more than 25 years  Zetec’s management have worked alongside multiple industries to develop tailored solutions to ensure safety and productivity in challenging environments. Each of Zetec’s innovation is based on the simplest but most efficient promise: let’s see what our clients need, let’s make it better and let’s make it easier with them and for them. Every product manufactured by Zetec has been developed, tested and improved by the industry it is dedicated to.

Zetec Management

Andre Zagay

President / GM

Andre has a very strong background in electro technical and electro mechanics. Backed by his determination and passion for electronics, he opened his first company in 1987 and since then has been dedicated to mine rescue and electronic mine safety systems.

Andre’s 25 years of expertize in product development in fields such as video, communications and wireless controls led to the development of innovative products for mine rescue and challenging mine operations.

Dedicated and involved he leads the efforts to introduce to the industrial and mining markets the next generation of electronic safety products.

Kelly Zagay

Marketing director

Kelly is a student at the University of Trois-Rivières in marketing. She has been part of our team for three years already. She has just completed her technique in the accounting and management program and wants to take over the business following her studies. 

Kelly brings a youger perspective on the effective management of the business and helps the smooth running of the business.

Daniel Beauchemin

Technical Director

Daniel has often been described as a high level electronics technician, and since the mid 1980s has been involved in manufacturing of specialized electronic equipment. Daniel also worked for many years with L’Integral from St-Eustache as purchasing director and production manager. Along the way he gained experience in developing and building electronic components and solving electronic challenges.

Daniel has acquired knowledge microprocessor and various communication protocols. At Zetec, he will also be involved in the technical development of new Zetec labeled products. It is with great enthusiasm that he joined the Zetec management team as Technical Director in April 2013.


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